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Initial and recurrent professional line service training for men and women out on the ramp who marshal, fuel, tow and manage the general aviation aircraft, crew and passengers at an FBO. (Training consists of 8 modules including fire safety training - Part 139 Section 321 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.)


Supervisor Online is comprised of 8 modules, which when completed, will fulfill the FAA's 139.321 supervisory requirements. The employee's certificates will meet both the 14 CFR Part 139 Section 321 (e)1 supervisor fire safety training requirements and the Line Service Supervisor training.


Maintaining a safe operation and work environment is more than good business; it keeps your operation safe, secure and fully compliant with OSHA. Safety 1st has many aviation safety awareness training modules from which to choose. Deicing:

Winter weather training programs are designed to acquaint you with the de/anti-icing responsibilities of your job and give you an overview of the skills necessary for safe aircraft departures.

Customer Service, Safety  & Security: 

This all-inclusive training is comprised of PLST modules covering customer service, ramp safety and aviation security practices. To ensure your FBO is operating at the highest service, safety and security standards, all employees have a stake. The customer service, safety and security training module opens up an opportunity to train your entire staff.